At Rufdogs we choose to focus on teaching clients how to use a rewards based approach to teaching skills and modifying behaviour with their dogs.

Our aim is to provide effective training methods and supportive coaching to families and their dogs using positive reinforcement as the primary method of learning.

Our goal is to coach clients on how to create and maintain a healthy relationship with their canine companions while making the experience of learning fun for all participants.

Our promise is to advocate for a training approach that is kind and empathetic to the dogs we share our lives with.

The Dog Training industry in North America is currently unregulated.  This means that methods vary and dog owners must carefully consider the knowledge and skills of the dog training professional they seek to work with. We urge prospective clients to consider the guidance provided by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviourist (AVSAB) when choosing a Dog Trainer to work with.

Group Classes 8 Week Sessions

Rufdogs Family Basics – $275.00 +HST

Basic skills for any aged family canine and their humans. Focus on how to apply a science informed approach to animal learning and welfare.

Skills covered:

  • Recall
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Wait
  • Leave it
  • General Manners
Rufdogs Beyond the Basics – $275.00 +HST

Level Designed for Adolescent or Adult dogs who want to keep learning as they mature with a fun mix of Obedience Skills, Agility & Scenting.

  • Outdoor Only Class – Runs Spring, Summer, Fall

Behaviours addressed – Fearful of people, dogs, handling. Resource Guarding food and items. Over Reactive  response to people, dogs, objects. Handling for husbandry care.

Rufdogs Recallers – 4 Week Session – $180.00 +HST

Focus on learning and polishing your reliable recall when outdoors.

For Group Class information and start dates please call us at 519-994-0013 or fill out an appointment request form with your contact and what class you are interested in.

Individual Session – $95.00/Hour +HST

Basic skills include, leash walking, recall, general manners. Along with common puppy/adolescent challenges like jumping, mouthing, crate/confinement skill building.

-1 hour session can generally cover 2-3 skills.


To make an Appointment Request please use the link below or call us directly.
Cancellation Policy for Group Classes

Classes must be paid in full a minimum of 7 days prior to the start date of the class. Once paid there are No Refunds given.

Business Hours

Please note there are no open business hours. All visits and drop off and pick ups are scheduled by appointment only. Please call to set up a time to visit.